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Strolling through Ytre Markevei

As the medieval city of Bergen was transformed into a pulsating hanseatic city during the 16th century, the housing area close to the merchant harbor expanded to the hills above. Small wooden buildings clustering around narrow streets and alleys were built, more or less by random, as the town grew in size and population.

The risk of fire was naturally quite high, with all the wooden buildings and the short distance between them. In fact, the population experienced a constant fright for fires, and the area for this investigation was struck by fire many times, especially during the late 1700s. The fires destroyed quite a few houses, while others were badly damaged. Some of the buildings were restored in more or less the same fashion as the original, whereas others were replaced by more "up to date" buildings. Recently, however, the interest in the historical and architectural aspects of the area has grown, and with it the awareness of the original structure and appearence of the area.

Today, this is a very popular place to live. It is a very quiet area without any traffic or city noise, and thus perfect for families with children. Furthermore it is within walking distance to the center of Bergen, which makes living in this area very comfortable.

The pictures underneath show two of the narrow alleys you find in this area. Earlier these alleys would take you all the way to the harbor, but today they collide with huge modern buildings, making the contrast between the old and the new, very visible.

Ytre Markevei



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