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Klokkersmuget 2

Rode 4, nr. 57

The 1801 census lists 4 people under this address. The head of the household was Rasmus Simonsson Lunde. He was 42 years old, and lived there with his wife Rangnilda Olsdotter who was 12 years older than her husband. Rasmus was a "tolbod vægter" which means that he worked at the tollhouse and guarded during the night to make sure that incoming ship paid taxes.

Rasmus and Rangnhilda had a son, Arne, who lived with them. He was 15 years old and was "i dreye lære", which means that he was learning how to make wooden legs for chairs and tales by working on the wood while it was spinning. They also had another child living with them, 11-year old Anne, who was not their biological daughter, but their foster child.

In the 1865 census we find 9 persons in this house. There were probably two households, the first consisting of a widow called Adolphine Bergith Hedberg, together with her nephew and niece. They also had a maid from the country side living with them. In the second household we find a young couple, the husband from Sweden, and his wife from Trondhjem, in the northern parts of Norway. They also had a maid and a shoemaker in their household. The second one being a 23-year old widower.

Ten years later, 13 people lived together under the same roof. Still there were two households, both of them keeping servants, but the family names are different. Over the decade new families have moved in, but the structure of the households has remained fairly stable.

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