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Ytre Markevei 35

Rode 4, nr. 42

This house is one of the few houses with the front door in the middle. Like many of the houses at the Ytre Markevei, the date of construction is unknown because of the fires, but it is probably built around 1800. It's a rather big house which - in the last century - used to house 10 or more people. It has two floors with three rooms on each floor. Census held in 1801, 1865 and 1875 can tell us something about the people who lived in this specific house.

In 1801, 10 people were registered at this address. Poul Meyercold was the head of the first household. This 40-year old helmsman was married and had three children, two sons and a daughter. They had an unmarried female servant living with them. The second household was formed by Otto Finnerøys, age 62, his wife and their daughter. The census states that Otto Finnerøys didn't have an income at that time and that he was a former sergeant who had been thrown out the military. The tenth person living in this house was a 38-year old unmarried sailor.

In 1865, we know that this house was owned by a man named David Monsen. He rented out the place to 12 persons. Shopkeeper Tollef Andr. Johannesen, age 34, his wife and their son and daughter were the first household. They had also two unmarried female servants. They were all born in Bergen.The other two households were small; a 37-year old ship engineer with his wife and son and a 33-year old helmsman with his wife and son.

Ten years later in 1875, none of the residents of 1865 lived there anymore, but there were still twelve people who lived there. At the first floor, blacksmith (copper) Reinholdt August Jakobsen, age 40, lived there with his wife and their six children, a female servant and a young male servant. The second floor was rented out to a widow, who earned her living as a seams mistress, and her son.

Nowadays the number of people living there has decreased dramatically. Instead of twelve persons who all rented the house in the 1860s and later, now, in September 1996, there are only four people living in this house. This house is now rented by an academic and a psychiatrist and their two children.

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