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Klokkersmuget 4

Rode 4, nr. 65

If you walk down the alley called Klokkersmuget, you will find a small white house at the very end, with a small garden in front, and picket fences. An old picture (pic.1) shows that the house has barely changed over the years. It looks just like the old picture, and even small detailes, like the ornament above the door, are the same. But, never trust what you see! It has recently been restored, and is in fact an exact copy of the old house.

Some things have changed, though.

In picture 1, the house is standing in the middle of Klokkersmuget with another house to its left. Today the alley is blocked by a huge brick building, so that this house lies at the end of the street, the rest of the alley being demolished.

When you stand in the middle of the small square in front of Klokkersmuget 4 looking towards the top of Nordnes, you can imagine the atmosphere when Nordnes was covered with small wooden houses. Looking towards the harbor, you feel like standing on a spot protected from architectural modernization.

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